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By joky245 on 14-Nov-2013 0

[Announcment] Torrent Downloading Problem

Dear P2Push users,

As of today, 14th November 2013, there is some technical problems with the server that cause the error in downloading the torrents. You might not be able to download most of the torrents. Our team are working hard solving the problems, so please be pati...read more »  

By vandogamer on 01-Sep-2013 50

Admin Please Upload Ju on The Grudge for PC

Admin Please Upload Ju on The Grudge for PC...read more »  

By favKshow on 27-Aug-2013 0

Kdrama vs. Jdrama vs. Cdrama

i see no one is updating the blog, so i created this topic. let's discuss, what do you think of Korean drama, Japanese drama, Chinese drama?
I, myself, is a Kdrama addicted, so before writing my opinion, let's see who has interest in the discussion here.

bring it up pe...read more »  

By joky245 on 31-Jul-2013 0

Downloading problem!

With many complaint about the downloading, about the torrent no seeds, here let's bring your problem and comment it here....read more »  

By joky245 on 29-Jul-2013 0

Kind of movies you like watching?

Okey, I just feel curious about what kind of movies you like watching.

American/Hollywood, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Khmer, or any other countries...

Action, thriller, horror, romance, documentary...

u know, just list them all in the comment. And if you can also give ...read more »  

By joky245 on 17-Jul-2013 0


Hi guys!
any requests or discussion, can leave it here!

See ya!...read more »  

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