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By JarviS on 25-Dec-2014 6

How To Install Games on Your PC!

Try follow all these instructions and also don't forget to turn off your Anti-Virus Software Cuz most cracked files falsely marked as virus.

Other Method:
...read more »  

By on 22-Aug-2014 0

LOL sever down

i can't play online game called league of legend for 2 weeks now because of digi sever. i don't know why? but u have to fix this problem. or we will stop..........read more »  

By JarviS on 27-Feb-2014 1

How To add Youtube Trailer!

Go to Youtube> Right Click on Video> Copy Embeded Code> Past it anywhere in Description Box> Done!
Enjoy Sharing your Files on P2push :)...read more »  

By VandoTounTCG on 17-Feb-2014 0

Our admin

Alright guy now I know it our Admin (Thears) doesn't work in weekends so please do not post soo many request to him. And I wanted to say thanks you admin for every request....read more »  

By JarviS on 19-Dec-2013 4

New Moderator! ThearS

Hi guys!
Since I'm new here, Please say whatever you like, it can be advice, request, anything... :) I'll try my best to help!...read more »  

By long_sun on 08-Dec-2013 7

utorrent speed

dear admin,
I would like to ask some questions related to the torrent downloaded from p2push. Previously, the download speed for torrent file in p2push is about 1MB/s, but recently, the speed is very slow comparing to the past. Could you tell the reason or explain me why th...read more »  

By Guiltis0ul on 07-Dec-2013 4

Internet Problems

I create this blog, because i'm a Digi Customer and i usually (sometime not all the time) have problems with my internet. I want to know what other Digi customers think of Digi internet.
What do you like and dislike about Digi?
And what problems do you usually have with Digi...read more »  

By somnangvey on 25-Nov-2013 22


Hello brother

:) Do you have Ancient Chinese Series Drama? I really Like .

thank you,...read more »  

By on 18-Nov-2013 8

Request Cartoon Movies

Hi Can you upload more cartoon movies please....read more »  

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