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How to upload

1. Create torrent using uTorrent:

Open uTorrent program, click to File -> Create New Torrent...

Create New torrent - Add file or Add directory that you want to share
- Put announce tracker http://torrent.p2push.net:6969/announce - Mark "Start seeding" - Click to Create and Save as...

Wait until process will be finished and select the place to save Torrent-file

2. Upload torrent to P2push:

Open , Login using your Username/Password (Single Account) or Register New account:

Click to Upload:

Select Torrent file that you created before and choose needed Category for your Upload

Fill all parts of the form and click Upload:

Congrats! You uploaded your file to P2push. Wait when other users will start to download it

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By MidMike on 07-Aug-2016 20:47:57
super slow on download most torrent file now.
By vichet999 on 15-Aug-2015 19:01:47
how to download game and movie?? tell me now
By pav.pav.566 on 18-Apr-2015 12:49:20
hello bro i download GTA V already but when i open file it need password how i do
By SnakeVV on 23-Mar-2015 17:34:06
why all xbox360 game not peer?
By sambathpin on 19-Jan-2015 12:03:38
how to install Game on mac ?
By sithet.xs on 04-Jan-2015 14:40:55
do pes 2015 sopport with mac
By sithet.xs on 04-Jan-2015 14:40:55
do pes 2015 sopport with mac
By on 05-May-2014 09:14:39
can u tell me how to download by using macbook?
By kimchhunlov on 27-Feb-2014 19:39:32
Always error while downloading via utorrent
By Wingway on 15-Aug-2013 19:11:34
it not working!!!!