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Have you ever sat in front of a blank computer screen, or empty piece of paper, or a really white whiteboard, and wished you had some source of inspiration to help you with your creativity?
If you have ever taken an art class, or worked as a designer, or just tried creating something, you have — without a doubt — experienced creativity block (like writers block, only for creativity).
Where should you turn to when you need an idea to set off an entrepreneurial endeavor or escape the shackles of writer’s block? If this was the 20th Century, you might have no choice but to sit around and think for a while, hoping that something might spark your creativity and an idea will just pop into your head.
But this is the 21st Century, and the only one website you need to know to get a much-needed spark to your creativity is https://konstruktor.com.
Konstruktor is a part of our real life, which significantly facilitates and simplifies business processes, materialization of creative ideas and constructive cooperation. The main mission of the project is to unite creative and active people, to implement ideas from simple and in demand to incredible and fantastic, that can shape our future.
Konstruktor introduces Creative Environment, which enables anyone to innovate their ideas by having a vertical timeline, ratings, new form of finances, and IT infrastructure. They are all integrated into one place and are at your fingertips.
The pivotal point of this site is an individual. Any user can create a team for business and other activities, prepare a resume by simply hitting a button, and make oneself available for a job or a freelance project. A user can also decide to share his or her personal information with the other projects, teams or organizations. Having all of the above in one place will make you organized and productive whether you are an artist, a business owner, a student or a homemaker.
Creative Environment is a place to produce your ideas under convenient conditions, in which you can get a real rating for your innovations and interface in an absolute beneficial setting.  

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