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⇐ Blogs, Konstruktor Inc introduces new internet web product - Creative Environment

Konstruktor Inc introduces one of a kind internet web product - Creative Environment https://konstruktor.com

This space is for anyone who has an idea and wants to bring it into existence.

Mountain View, California-October 31, 2014- Konstruktor introduced Creative Environment, which enables anyone to innovate their ideas by having a vertical timeline, ratings, new form of finances and IT infrastructure. They are all integrated into one place and are at your fingertips. In vertical timeline you are able to see your calendar, and fill it with events. Moreover, you can organize your events daily, monthly and annually.

The calendar includes pop-up reminders in several places, so you do not lose track of them. Anything related to events, such as meetings, need to work on important documents etc., will be on this timeline.

You can also manage your contacts from the calendar, create and add them into the contact list. Importantly, you are able to create groups of contacts which are going to be helpful for the other axillary services, such as CRM, financial management etc., they all are part of this environment.

Creating teams and setting ratings for the individuals and the teams is an integral part of our design. One can be added onto the team, find a job, and post a selfie video onto a personal page. The rating is one of a kind feature, where a colorful lines of either green, which means a positive or red meaning negative rating underneath the text blocks of users, projects, teams, and so on.The pivotal point of this site is an individual. Everything else, such as projects, companies, jobs, cities, countries and the earth itself revolves around this individual.

Any user can create a team for business and other activities, prepare a resume by simply hitting a button, and make oneself available for a job or a freelance project. A user can also decide to share his or her personal information with the other projects, teams or organizations. Having all of the above in one place will make you organized and productive whether you are an artist, a business owner, a student or a homemaker. Creative Environment brings an exclusive form of IT infrastructure.

Working in Creative Environment, you can see all of your life events and everything that is associated with you, and can freely choose with whom you want to work with and interact to form any groups for business or leisure activities.
We believe that Creative Environment is a place to produce your ideas under convenient conditions, in which you can get a real rating for your innovations and interface in an absolute beneficial setting. As a result, creating is much freer for people of any age and occupation.  

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