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Konstruktor introduces one of a kind internet web product - Creative Environment. This space is for anyone who has an idea and wants to bring it into existence. Konstruktor.com enables anyone to innovate their ideas by having a vertical timeline, ratings, new form of finances, and IT infrastructure. They are all integrated into one place and are at your fingertips.
Working in Creative Environment, you can see all of your life events and everything that is associated with you, and can freely choose with whom you want to work with and interact to form any groups for business or leisure activities.
Konstruktor is currently available in 88 languages.
Creative Environment is a place to produce your ideas under convenient conditions, in which you can get a real rating for your innovations and interface in an absolute beneficial setting. As a result, creating is much freer for people of any age and occupation.
Our mission:
To unite creative and active people to implement ideas from simple and in demand to incredible and fantastic, that can shape our future.

What is Konstruktor?
Konstruktor- is a part of our real life, which significantly facilitates and simplifies
*business processes
*materialization of creative ideas
*constructive cooperation

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