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One Direction – Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) [2015] (Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition)) [2015, Pop music]
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Title: One Direction – Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) [2015]

Singer: One Direction

Album: Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition)
Genre: Pop music
Year: 2015
Country: USA

Number of tracks: 17
01. Hey Angel
02. Drag Me Down
03. Perfect
04. Infinity
05. End of the Day
06. If I Could Fly
07. Long Way Down
08. Never Enough
09. Olivia
10. What a Feeling
11. Love You Goodbye
12. I Want to Write You a Song
13. History
14. Temporary Fix
15. Walking in the Wind
16. Wolves
17. A.M.
Total duration: 00:58:00


Description:One Direction’s fifth album demonstrates just how far the group has come since their early days on the X Factor stage. Made in the A.M. is filled with charisma, confidence, and sparkling group chemistry. Upbeat sing-alongs like “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect” are perfectly crafted pop anthems, but the guys shine just as brightly on an epic power ballad like “Infinity.”

Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps

Size: 140 MB

Uploaded date: 2015-11-14 13:03:39
Views: 1629
Downloads: 391

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By Pikachu on 29-Nov-2015 10:29:27
seeding pls
One Direction – Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) [2015]