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[ALBUM] December - Like A Stranger (Like A Stranger) [2015, Korean Pop music, Other Music, Pop music]

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Title: [ALBUM] December - Like A Stranger

Singer: December

Album: Like A Stranger
Genre: Korean Pop music, Other Music, Pop music
Year: 2015
Country: Korea

Number of tracks: 9
Tracklist: 01. 멀리 멀리 멀리 (feat. 검은띠)
02. Heaven
03. 기억을 걷다보면
04. 머문 기억이 보낸 편지
05. 잊고 있는중
06. Unfinished
07. Going Home
08. 멀리 멀리 멀리 (inst.)
09. Heaven (inst.)
Total duration: 00:00:00



Format: mp3
Bitrate: MP3-320kbps

Size: 70 MB

Uploaded date: 2015-10-06 14:31:00
Views: 926
Downloads: 26

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