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From Straight As 2017 [2017, Drama HDRip]

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Title: From Straight As 2017

Country: USA
Region: Hollywood movies
Genre: Drama
Duration: 01:27:00
Year: 2017

Subtitle: English

Director: Vanessa Parise
Cast: Haley Pullos , Judd Nelson , Greg Polak , Imali Perera , Peter Graham-Gaudreau , Garrett Black , Fraser Aitcheson , Alyson Bath , Jovanna Burke , Sasha Clements , Deborah Finkel , Rachelle Gillis , Liam Hall , Wolfgang Klassen , Jacky Lai


Description: When a change of circumstances leaves Miriam unable to pay her college tuition| she makes a surprising decision: to start performing in adult films| using the

pseudonym Belle Knox. Miriam lies to her family and her friends at school| keeping her double life a secret. But soon rumours spread and Miriam becomes the subject

of vicious online attacks and unwanted attention. Miriam fights back: she talks to the media| saying her new line of work empowers her as a feminist. But her

confident stand has unintended consequences. Miriam is shunned by her conservative family and her colleagues in the adult film world. One impulsive decision has

quickly spiralled out of control - and Miriam's problems are just beginning.

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