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Theo and Hugo 2016 [2016, Drama, Romance BDRip] EN

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Title: Theo and Hugo 2016

Country: USA
Region: Hollywood movies
Genre: Drama, Romance
Duration: 00:00:00
Year: 2016

Language: EN

Director: Olivier Ducastel , Jacques Martineau
Cast: Geoffrey Couët , François Nambot , Mario Fanfani , Bastien Gabriel , Miguel Ferreira , Arthur Dumas , Éric Dehak , Patrick Joseph , Elodie Adler , Jeffry Kaplow , Claire Deschamps , Georges Daaboul , Marief Guittier


Description: Theo and Hugo meet each other in a sex club in Paris. After building a special connection while having sex| the meet outside the club where they realize they had

unprotected sex. Since one of them is HIV positive| they go to the hospital to get checked and start the required treatment. You see the boys spend the night

together and fall in love after this incident.

Quality: BDRip
Video codec:
Audio codec:

Size: 8.76 GB

Uploaded date: 2016-12-14 15:27:14
Views: 3673
Downloads: 242

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