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Koisome Momiji (Manga) [2012, Books] EN
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Title: Koisome Momiji (Manga)

Author: Sakamoto, Tsugirou
Genre: Books
Year: 2012

Format: Manga
Language: EN
Quality: Good


Description: Synopsis

A girl asks Katsuragi Shouta to take a picture of her with Enoshima in the background. Embarrassed by her cuteness, he takes the picture and runs away. He later finds out that she is an actress by the name of Shinomiya Sana. A TV drama, Koisome Momiji, will be shot in Shouta's town and Sana will be starring in one of the lead roles, as a passionate girl who wholeheartedly chases after the guy she loves. However, Sana has never experienced that kind of love. To practice for this role (and maybe truly fall in love) Sana asks Shouta to be her boyfriend!

Size: 224MB

Uploaded date: 2016-03-22 17:37:51
Views: 1465
Downloads: 213

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