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The Complete Book of Drawing Techniques [, Books, Training] EN

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Title: The Complete Book of Drawing Techniques

Genre: Books, Training

Format: Pdf
Language: EN
Quality: Excellent


Description: Drawing, just like writing or speech, is a form of communication, and in the same way as these other forms of communication drawing can be multi-faceted, and very diverse as a means of expression of our observations,

thoughts and feelings. Across the broad ?eld of art and design, artists and designers will use drawing as a speci?c tool for visual communication, and at the same time use a wide spectrum of drawing techniques to express, develop, and present their ideas and work to the viewer for what ever reason.

Therefore, it is impossible to make a drawing unless the artist has a clear understanding of the type of drawing that is to be created, and the visual language that is to be used which will give form and expressive dynamics to the drawing. This is often forgotten or misunderstood by most teachers of drawing.

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