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Comments for dezodomo

From JarviS on 10-Sep-2014 17:04:38
@dezodomo It's already available here http://p2push.net/description/software/15077/ All you have to do is sear ch :D
From JarviS on 01-Sep-2014 13:50:16
@dezodomo Please try to reload torrent file few times if it still slow, send me the link. I'll check it out! Thanks
From JarviS on 25-Apr-2014 14:48:23
@dezodomo Please redownload it and install again, I've replaced source file with a new working one :)
Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition-RELOADED
From joky245 on 25-Sep-2013 13:11:15
@davidluiz in the description above, there are 4 serial given. @dezodomo thanks.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014-RELOADED